ELO program evaluation

Annual assessment process

Use the ELO Practice Profile (PDF, 6 pages) to guide an annual assessment of the quality of your school’s ELO process. Gather data and collect feedback throughout the process. Include all the stakeholders:

first page of ELO practice profile

  • administrators
  • guidance counselors
  • an ELO coordinator or facilitator
  • teachers
  • community members
  • students
  • parents

Use the results of your annual self-assessment to develop goals and plans to further improve the quality of ELOs at the school.

Program assessment resources

The Minimum Standards checklist (MSWord, 2 pages) will help you assess your ELO program against NH Minimum Standards, Section 306.27 (b).

The Best Practices Checklist (PDF, 5 pages) will help you assess where your school is compared to both compliance with NH Minimum Standards, and the more rigorous best practices.